Lawachara Rainforest National Park at Kamalganj in Moulvibazar

Lawachara Rainforest National Park at Kamalganj in Moulvibazar

Lawachara Rainforest National Park is at at Kamalganj in Moulvibazar disticts, Bangladesh. It seemed to be a page from The Jungle Book.

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Lawachara Rainforest National Park is at Kamalganj in Moulvibazar districts, Bangladesh. It seemed to be a page from The Jungle Book.

About Lawachara Rainforest

Lawachara Rainforest is nothing but wonders of nature. Take, jumping spider can produce silk. Like other spiders, it has eight legs but what characteristic separates it from other spiders. Knowing the secret, you have to rush to Lawachara National Park scarred with biological diversity where you will find this spider jumping what is totally impossible for its other fellows. The green area seemed to be a page from The Jungle Book is about 60 km south of Sylhet, and about 160 kilometers northeast of Dhaka, and 8 kilometres from the town of Srimongal Upazila Sadar. Lawachara Rainforest covers about 12.5 km of semi-evergreen forests of the tropical and subtropical coniferous woods.
[caption id="attachment_4880" align="alignright" width="276"] Lawachara Rainforest at Kamalganj in Moulvibazar Lawachara Rain Forest at Kamalganj in Moulvibazar[/caption] Located at Kamalganj Upazila in Moulvibazar district, this rainforest declared as National Park in 1997 is an ideal habitat for such amazing tiny creatures besides different mammal species. It also gives shelter to more than 450 species, of them, 167 are species of plants, four amphibia, six reptiles, 246 bird while the rest mammal and insect species. Many of them endangered, hoolock gibbon, the only ape in South Asia, can be spotted in the park, consists of numerous sandy-bedded streams, one of them is the Lawachara tributary, from which the park derived its name. Slow Loris, Pig-tailed Macaque, Rhesus Macaque, Assamese Macaque, Capped Langur, Phayre’s Leaf-monkey, Jackal, Wild Dog, Sloth Bear or Himalayan Black Bear, Yellow-throated Marten, Tiger, Fishing Cat, Leopard Cat, Wild Pig, Sambar, Barking Deer, Indian Giant, wile bore and even King Cobra are also found here. However, leopards have long been extinct according to locals.
One of the largest reserved forests in Bangladesh, the park is considered as peaceful sanctuary especially for birds spotted a large in number. As it is a popular spot for bird-watching, bird lovers from across the country often throng here with telescopes and binoculars. Due to its huge presence, the dark forest is always cheered with hums of birds. The Interesting thing is that animals in the park, a perfect gateway for holidaymakers or travelers, are very friendly.  On your way, you will then feel the presence of a group of indigenous people with warm smiles. They are Khasia, Monipuri and Tripura having a rich culture and religious heritage make their houses atop the hillocks in the forest. This is rally very pictorial dwellings will entertain each and every tourist.
Aspiring of tripping to the fantasy world with macaque monkeys and the hoolock gibbons found swinging from tree to tree at dawn and taking a dip in the ocean of beauty as well, and you will need a four-hour drive from Dhaka. Every hour from Sayedabad in the capital, you will get the Srimangal-bound bus to reach the romantic spot. So, there is no room for those missed walking through the shady canopy to think for the second time going out for such amazing trip. Immediately get in touch with the guides as the grassy greenery hillocks, the splendid dwellings of Khasia, Monipuri, Tripura waves and the awesome jumping spider are waiting to receive you warmly.
Before visiting, just keeping in mind that where the trials and tribulations of everyday life seem to melt away. The thick forest contains three trails.

How to Go Lawachara Rainforest

  • Bus and train are the primary transportation.
  • Train Start from Kamlapur
  • Bus is available from Sayidbad
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