About Us | YogsutrA - A Web Portal for Bangladesh

About Us | YogsutrA - A Web Portal for Bangladesh

Yogsutra is a web portal for Bangladesh to promote your business and services locally and internationally.

YogsutrA - A Web Portal for Bangladesh

YogsutrA is a web portal in Bangladesh and it started its journey in 2000. It provides information about travel, education, business, and different services. Users or viewers can get different types of services from this portal.

This Web Directory provides customer business and service details here with their mobile, e-mail, location, and website. And through rich SEO we promote that page means linking to Google. So users can easily find your service or company.

Suppose you are a teacher or musician. You want a tuition to teach it. You can give details to us and we will organize your profile through proper SEO on our page and Google will rank it 1 to 10 on the Google search page.

How it work

Our Services

  • YogsutrA Service (It is for individual professionals who are teachers, musicians, web developers, photographers, Drivers, yoga trainers, and many more.)
  • YogsutrA Job (It is for the individual who wants to submit their resume for the job.)
  • Add Company (It is the company that wants to promote its business digitally.)

We are here to give you all kinds of assistance and help to promote you and your service and business.

Our service rate

It is TK500.00 to TK1000.00 to publish your business or service details here. Your profile will show like this. ( Income Tax Lawyer ). Per edited TK300 needs to be added.

About Us

Through Yogsutra, we promote your business and services in the digital Market. You can contact us about your business and service promotion. 

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