Chandpur Tourist Spots and Attractions in Bangladesh

Chandpur Tourist Spots and Attractions in Bangladesh

Chandpur Tourist Spots are Angikar a liberation statue, Hajiganj Bara Mosque, Rupsa Zamindar Bari and more. The place is famous for Hilsha Fish.

Bullet Information
District Name Chandpur
Division Chittagong
Postal Code 3600
NWD Code 0841
Government Webportal Govt. Parjatan Web Portal

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Chandpur Tourist Spots are Angikar a liberation statue, Hajiganj Bara Mosque, Rupsa Zamindar Bari, and more. The place is famous for Hilsha Fish. Chandpur is a district under the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh. It was part of the greater  Comilla District until 1984. The district is situated in the east-central part of Bangladesh. It is located at the mouth of the river Meghna. River erosion is a common feature in this district. There are many interesting tourist places to visit. The  Illisha (HILSA) Fish is popular here.

Chandpur Tourist Spots

The district has 7 Upazilas. They are; Kachua,  Chandpur Sadar,  Faridganj, Matlab Uttar, Matlab Dakshin, Shahrasti, Haimchar, and Hajiganj. It has a famous archaeological heritage and relics. Here is the list of top tourist places in the districts according to Upazila.

  • Bakhtiar Khan Jami Mosque (Ujani, 1107 AH),
  • Jami Mosque at village Palgiri
  • Dighi and pata (stone slab) of Behula
  • Sree Sree Jagannath Dev Temple at Sachar (1870)
  • Dighi at Saharpar (Rahimanagar)
  • Manasa Mura
  • Math at Tulatali (sixteenth century)
  • Chandpur Sadar
  • Angikar a liberation statue
  • Begum Mosque (1812)
  • Kalibari Mandir (1878)
  • Math at Mathkhola
  • Naorai ashram
  • Naglingam plant in DC Bangalow
  • Chandpur Steamer River Port
  • River Research Institute
  • Faridganj
  • Neelkuthi at Sahebganj
  • Math Ashram at Lohagara
  • Rupsa Zamindar Bari
  • Rupsa Mosque
  • Matlab Uttar
  • Ludhua Zamindar Bari
  • Al-Wayesia Mosque at Farajikandi
  • Kalakanda Mosque
  • Mazar of Lengta Fakir at Badarpur
  • Mandir and Rath at Naori
  • Matlab Dakshin
  • Neel Kuthi at Munsifdi
  • Baraduara at Kashimpur
  • Shahrasti
  • Tomb and mosque of Shahrasti (R)
  • Dinbandhu Asrama
  • Sarbananda Thakur Asrama
  • Kali Mandir
  • Chowdhury Bari Fort at Nij Meher Sahapur
  • Maths at Naora
  • Paranpur and' Barulia
  • Haimchar
  • Three domed mosques at Bhingulia
  • Hajiganj
  • Firozpur Mosque (1343 AD),
  • One doomed mosque at Suhilpur,
  • An old bridge on the Shailkhali Canal (sixteenth century),
  • Five doomed mosques at Alipur (1692)
  • Hajiganj Bara Mosque
  • Math at Bakila
  • homestead of Hari Shaha at Balakhali,
  • altar engraved with the Bishnu statue at Alipur,
  • Akhra of Laxmi Narayan Jeu
  • Dariya Hayat (pond)
  • Dighi at Sreepur
  • Mazar of Ali Ekabbar Shah (R)
  • Alamgiri Mosque at Alipur

Transportation and communication

The traveler can go to  Chandpur by Steamer, bus, and train. it takes 3 to 4 hours from Dhaka by Steamer or bus. The bus station's name is Lakhsmipur. The launch of the Ghat is; Maju Chowdhury's Ghat. There is no airport here. Border and bounded By

  • Comilla and Munshiganj district to the north
  • Noakhali, Lakshmipur, and Barisal districts to the south
  • Comilla district to the east, Shariatpur
  • Munshiganj and Meghna River to the west

Weather / Temperature

  • Highest average temperature: 34.3°c Celsius
  • The lowest average temperature: is 12.7°c Celsius.
  • The average amount of rainfall is 2551 mm.
District Travel and Tourism Information for Travelers
Area 1,645.32 Square Kilometers
Main River Dakatia, Meghna, Dhonagoda, Motlab, Udhamdi
Geo Position / Location 23.2139°N 90.6361°E
Division Chittagong Division
Country Bangladesh
Nearest Airport Dhaka
Postal Code 3600
NWD Code 0841
ISD Code 0088
Currency Taka (BDT)
BD Govt. Website

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