Nateshwar Buddha Vihar at Tongibari in Munshiganj

Nateshwar Buddha Vihar at Tongibari in Munshiganj

Nateshwar Buddha Vihar is located at Tongibari upazila in Munshiganj district in Bangladesh.It is a Buddh templeand 1,000-year-old.

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Nateshwar Buddha Vihar is at Tongibari Upazila in Munshiganj district in Bangladesh. It is a Buddha temple and is 1,000 years old. At present, it is being excavated by a Bangladesh and China archaeologists joint team.

About Nateshwar Buddha Vihar

The place Munshiganj was known as Bikrampur. It was the birthplace of a great Buddhist scholar Atish Dipankar. He was born here before 1,000 years ago. The excavation will also unearth the early life of Atish Dipankar. The excavation work was started in 2013 by the Agrasar Vikrampur Foundation in collaboration with the Hunan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology of China.

This is one of the oldest archaeological sites in Bangladesh. The area could turn out to be a pilgrimage center of Buddhism in the future. The director of the project is Mr. Sufi Mustafizur Rahman and Professor Chai Hunabo is the head of the archaeologist team of China.

They have discovered an octagonal stupa and a pair of stupas with a four-meter wide wall, terracotta motifs, two roads and a 2.75-meter wide wall, and other valuable relics including ash pits and pottery items.

How to Reach Nateshwar Buddha Bihar

It is two and half hours journey from Dhaka. Buses are available from Gulistan T&T office near Golapsha Mazar. The local bus will cost Tk.60/. End bus stop point is Sonarong. There is a Jora Math, from Jora Math it is 30 minutes walking distance. Tourists can use local transportation like Risha or Auto. Location on Google Earth This Civilization, the Nateshwar Buddha Vihar is now the key focus point for history lover and Buddhist pilgrims and going to notable Tourist Attraction in Bangladesh.

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