Keane Bridge Sylhet Over Surma River in Bangladesh

Keane Bridge Sylhet Over Surma River in Bangladesh

Keane Bridge Sylhet is one of the notable landmarks in Bangladesh. It is in the holy city Sylhet. It is also the gateway to Sylhet City.

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Keane Bridge Sylhet is one of the notable landmarks in Bangladesh. It is in the holy city Sylhet. It is also the gateway to Sylhet City. British Raj built it.

History of Keane Bridge Sylhet

The bridge was built in the year 1936 and was named Kean Bridge following the name of English Governor Michael Kean. The bridge was built over the river Surma. It was built with iron and steel. About 5.5 million TK was spent during that period of constructing the bridge. The bridge helps the commuters to cross the Surma River. The bridge has made the lives of a lot of people in the region very comfortable. People can take their business goods very quickly by crossing the river.

Importance of the Bridge

The bridge has a very important historical significance because it bears the symbol of the English rule in Bangladesh in the past. During the war of independence in Bangladesh, the Pakistan army blew away the bridge. They damaged several parts of the bridge. However, the Bangladesh government repaired the bridge in the year 1977. The bridge also has economic importance as a lot of people’s livelihood depends on this. You will find a lot of boys are helping the rickshaw pullers to pull their vehicles on the upward slope just for TK. 2. The bridge also helps the businessmen to bring their goods in and out of the city.

Nearest Tourist Spots

There are a lot of tourist spots near the bridge. You may also pay a visit to the Museum of Rajas, Mazar of Shahajalal and Shaha Paran, Gaur Govinda Fort, Shahi Eidgah, and many other places. Some of the tourist spots mentioned here are very close to one another. So, you may consider visiting them on the same day.

How to Get to the Spot

  • The bridge is 235 kilometers away from Dhaka, and it may take up to 4 hours and 30 minutes to reach the place. The bridge is about 1.3 kilometers away from the Sylhet main town, and it may take up to 6 minutes to reach there.
  • There are a lot of bus services available in Dhaka with which you will be able to reach Sylhet. If you want to get down from the bus near to the spot, you will have to get down in the Baruthkhana Road. You may also go to Sylhet in the railway and airway.

Accommodation and Food

Tourists will find many hotels and restaurants in Sylhet. You will be able to both stay there and have quality food at a very affordable price. You may consider the following restaurants and Hotels:

  • Hotel Star Pacific- Dargah Gate
  • Hotel Supreme and Exotica Restaurant- East Mirabazar, Tamabil Road

The spot is a very significant landmark for Bangladesh and every year visitors who visit Sylhet also try to visit and watch the landmark.

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