Dighapatia Rajbari Natore Rajshahi Bangladesh

Dighapatia Rajbari Natore Rajshahi Bangladesh

Dighapatia Rajbari or Uttara Gonobhobon is a famous tourist spot in Bangladesh, founded by Raja Dayaram Roy.Now It is in Natore under Rajshahi division.

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Dighapatia Rajbari Natore is a place founded in the 18th century. The founder is Raja Dayaram Roy. It is a famous tourist spot in Bangladesh. Uttara Gonobhobon is its present name. It is in Natore under Rajshahi Division. [caption id="attachment_15834" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Dighapatia Rajbari Rajshahi Dighapatia Rajbari Rajshahi[/caption]

History of Dighapatia Rajbari Natore

The tourist spot is located only one or two kilometers away from the central town of Natore. One can reach the breathtaking the spot by any vehicles from the central city. The total area of the place is about 43 acres. Dayaram Roy built it. The tourist spot was almost wrecked at the time of earthquake of 1897. Pramanda Nath Roy repaired the partially damaged building. At present, thousands of visitors from all over the world come to visit the tourist spot every year.

Major Tourist Attractions

Many people love to visit the tourist spot because of its natural beauty and serenity. The whole area is surrounded by lakes and various kinds of trees. The visitors become fascinated by the calmness and the bird chirpings. There are the aspects of the site that attract the visitors to come and visit the beautiful place over and over. The tourist spot is highly secured, and everyone is checked before they enter into the tourist spot. The authority protects the place by high raised boundaries of concrete.

Nearest Tourist Spots

There are many other tourist attractions that the visitors may consider to pay a visit at the same time. Some of the major nearest tourist spots include
  • Vatodara Mandir
  • Joykali Mandir at Harwara,
  • Dayarampur Rajbari, Galimpur Rajbari,
  • Begunbaria Zamindar Bari,
  • Nurpur Zamindar Bari
  • Neelkuthi.
  • Chalan Beel Museum.

Transportation and Communication

  • It is approximately 205.8 kilometers away from Dhaka via Rajshahi Highway. It may take up to four hours to reach the spot. If Kustia Highway is taken it may take about six hours to reach the site.
  • You can also visit the spot through train service. A train named Dhumketu express the Kamalapur railway station for Rajshahi and Natore.
  • Zip code of the location is 6401.

Accommodation and Food

There are many hotels and restaurants in Natore where the visitors can stay. You will find all kinds of local and foreign foods from these restaurants. They are both affordable and of high quality. Two of the famous hotels in the nearby area are:
  • Hotel Mukta
  • And Hotel Nice International
The combination of natural beauty and architectural landmarks of Uttara Gonobhobon will surely fascinate you and make you visit the site over and over. Related Links
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