Shah Paran Mazar Sharif in Sylhet a Holy Place for Muslim

Shah Paran Mazar Sharif in Sylhet a Holy Place for Muslim

Shah Paran Mazar Sharif is located in Sylhet district of Bangladesh.The place is very famous as it contains the grave of one of the renowned Muslim saints.

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Shah Paran Mazar is in Sylhet district of Bangladesh. The place is very famous as it contains the grave of one of the famous saints of the region. Mazar is popular as Darga Sharif in Bangladesh.

History of Shah Paran Mazar

Sylhet is called the city of 360 saints. The graves of numerous saints are found in various parts of the city. They are the history of the city. Among all the renowned saints, Shahajalal and Shahaporan are the most famous. Shahajalal is the maternal uncle of Shahaporan in relation. Every year thousands of religious people visit this spot to show their respect to these saints.

Major Attractions of the Spot

The Mazar or dargah of Shahparan is located in Khadimnagar. The Darga Sharif is not as big as the Mazar of Shahjalal. You will find many shops selling candles, Aagarbati, Golapjol, and Shirni. You will find a vivacious atmosphere in the shop area. The Mazar is located on a small mount. There are separate facilities for the male and female visitors in the Mazar. If you visit the spot, you will find many people praying and asking for help from Almighty. One of the attracting things is a mango tree, locally called Asha Gas. The tree yields both mango and fig (dumur) at the same time. Many people eat figs off the tree for the cure of diseases. Besides these, there is a very ancient mosque in the West. Mughals built it.

How to Get to the Spot

The Mazar is 263 kilometers away from Dhaka and it may take about 5 hours to reach the place through Sylhet highway. The spot is about 7 kilometers away from the main city. You will find many vehicles from both the central town and the Mazar of Shahjalal. If you want to go there from Dhaka, you will have to get down from the bus in the Kadamtoli Bus station and then start the journey for the tourist spots.

Accommodation and Food

Most of the hotels are in Sylhet city. There are hotels in the Mazar area. You will find a Boarding for the stay which is run by the servants of the Mazar. But you will find many hotels in the main city where you will get both local and foreign foods at an affordable price.

  • Hotel Star Pacific - Darga Gate
  • Hotel Supreme and Exotica Restaurant- Tamabil Road

Nearest Tourist Spots

You may also pay visit to many other nearest tourist spot. They are also very fascinating. Some of the spots include: Swamp Forest Ratargul Lawachara National Park Jaflong So you must try to visit the tourist spot. The beauty and sanctity of the spot will surely fascinate you.

Place / Location / Area / Other important Notes

  • Within 3 km from Sylhet Sadar City
  • Upazila-Sylhet
  • District -Sylhet
  • Division-Sylhet
  • 246 km northeast of Dhaka
  • Country-Bangladesh
  • Transportation=>Travel from Dhaka bus,train and private car
  • Accommodation=>In hotel, bungalow, govt. rest house
  • Postal code Sylhet-3100
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