RAB Headquarter Bangladesh Address Phone Number

RAB Headquarter Bangladesh Address Phone Number


RAB Headquarter Bangladesh are 15. They are is in different area and districts. Rab is the short form of Rapid Action Battalion.

Bullet Information
Org Name Rapid Action Battalion
Short Name RAB
Headquarter কার্গো অ্যাডমিন বিল্ডিং, শাহজালাল আন্তর্জাতিক বিমান বন্দর, কুর্মিটোলা, ঢাকা- ১২২৯
Founded 26 March 2004
Phone 0255669999
Official Website http://www.rab.gov.bd/

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RAB Headquarters Bangladesh is 14. They are in different areas and districts. Rab is the short form of the Rapid Action Battalion. It works as an allied force under Bangladesh Police. This force started its operational voyage on a limited scale on 14 Apr 04.

About RAB Bangladesh

RAB is the abbreviation form of Rapid Action Battalion. It is an elite anti-crime and anti-terrorism unit of the Bangladesh Police. But members of this organization come from Bangladesh Police, Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Air Force, Border Guard Bangladesh, and Bangladesh Ansar. The mission is to prevent crime and apprehend criminals.

The motto of Rapid Action Battalion Forces in Bangladesh is My Pride. Here is the official website of Rapid Action Battalion. One can get the easily phone, mobile contact address, and official location. Recently they have launched a new app to develop law and order in Bangladesh.

Contact Address of RAB Headquarters Bangladesh

Operations Control Room RAB HQ RAB HEADQUARTER Operations Control Room

Telephone: 027913117 Mobile No: 01777720029 Fax: 027913133


RAB also has 14 units all over the country. Among them, five are in Dhaka. The units are located as follows:

RAB-1: Uttara, Dhaka RAB-2: Agargaon, Dhaka RAB-3: Tikatuli, RAB-4 RAB-4: Mirpur, Dhaka RAB-5: Rajshahi RAB-6: Khulna RAB-7: Chittagong RAB-8: Barisal RAB-9: Sylhet RAB-10: Jatrabari, RAB-11RAB-11: RAB-12 :NaraRAB-12: RAB-13 :SiRAB-13: RAB-14 :RAB-14: Mymensingh

The capabilities of RAB forces are:

  1. Internal security duties
  2. Recovery of unauthorized arms, ammunition, explosives, and other articles.
  3. Apprehension of armed gangs of criminals.
  4. Assisting other law enforcement agencies in maintaining law and order
  5. Intelligence gathering in respect to crimes and criminal activities
  6. Investigation of any offense on the direction of the government.
  7. Such other duties as the government may, from time to time, assign.

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