Nilgiri Bandarban is a Hill PeakTourist Spot in Chittagong

Nilgiri Bandarban is a Hill PeakTourist Spot in Chittagong

Nilgiri Bandarban is a tourist spot and one of the highest peaks in Bangladesh. It is at Thanci Thana of hill district in Bandarban, Chittagong Division.

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Nilgiri Bandarban is a tourist spot and one of the highest peaks in Bangladesh. It is at Thanci Thana of hill district in Bandarban, Chittagong Division.

About Nilgiri Bandarban

Nilgiri is about 3500 feet above the surface and one of the tallest hills in Bangladesh. The hill is located 46 kilometers south of Bandarban and on the Bandarban - Chimbuk and Thanci road. You can view the village of Moro tribe from the hill. Their different living style and amazing culture will fascinate you. In the rainy season, the whole area takes a different look at the entire spot becomes covered with thick clouds. Every year thousands of people from all over the world including the people of other districts of Bangladesh come to visit the tourist spot. It is a unique tourist spot in Bangladesh that attracts the travelers and makes them promise to come and visit the place again and again.
Place Name - Nilgiri or Nil Giri Upazila/thana: Thanci Districts: Bandarban Division: Chittagong Postcode: 4630 Nearest City: Thanci Distance from Nearest Main City: 46 km Road Distance from Dhaka: 368 km Air Distance from Dhaka: 298 km Nilgiri Bandarban Bus Spot on Google Map

Major Tourist Attractions of the Site

Here, you will be able to enjoy the cloudy experience. If you ever want to touch cloud or see clouds pass by near to your throat, you must visit Nilgiri. It is better to visit the tourist spot in the rainy season. During this season, the place takes a festive look. Thousands of people from home and abroad come to witness the beauty of the spot, especially in the rainy season. The tribal people arrange various kinds of cultural programs such as Jolkeli in this period. It is also a very appropriate place for the campfire. The spot is well protected by the Army Brigade of Bangladesh. Travel guides are available, and they are also friendly.

How To Go Nilgiri

From Dhaka to Thanchi road the distance is about 395.9 kilometers. It will take about 9 hours to reach Thanchi. From Thanchi, you will be able to get to the tourist spot very easily. Many bus services in Bangladesh take people to Bandarban. Many tourism companies also offer various Bandarban Tour packages for the travelers. The spot is about 46 kilometers away from Bandarban Sadar. The military officers register the names and addresses of the travelers in the check post. Tourist can hair a Motor Bike to visit Nilgiri. It may take TK2000.00 for the full day. Here is a contact number of a tour guide in Bandarban city. His name is Mr. Jahangir. Contact number is 01820430690.

Accommodation and Food

You will find a gorgeous resort located at the top of the hill. The Bangladesh Army maintains the resort. So, to stay in the resort, you have to reserve your room through an Army officer. There are also many well-furnished cottages located in the area. They will cost you around Tk. 4000 to 7000. If you have a very small budget, you can stay in the nearby tents having four beds in each. They will cost you around Tk. 2000 per tent. You will find various kinds of local foods in the restaurants. Nearby Tourist Spots There are many tourist attractions near to Nilgiri. You can visit them as well. Some of the well-known tourist attractions are Baklai Waterfall, Boga Lake, Buddha Dhatu Jadi, Chimbuk Hil and Tribal Village, Faipi Waterfall, Keokaradong and many other tourist attractions. The natural beauty of Nilgiri Bandarban cannot be described in a word. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the tourist spot, you must pay a visit to the Nilgiri Bandarban a Tourist Spot in Chittagong. Related Links

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