Maitree Express A Reliable Kolkata Dhaka Train Service

Maitree Express A Reliable Kolkata Dhaka Train Service

Maitree Express is a popular word of Kolkata-Dhaka Train service. The visitor can book the train ticket from Kamlapur railway station in Bangladesh and Fairlie Place from India.

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Maitree Express is a train service between Kolkata-Dhaka. The visitor can book the ticket from Kamlapur railway station in Bangladesh and Fairlie Place from India.

Maitree Express

The train starts at Dhaka Cantonment station, and the destination is Chitpur in Kolkata. It is the only train which runs between Kolkata and Dhaka. Presently, another train started its journey. Its name is Bandhan Express from Khulna. It is an International passenger train giving services to the people of Bangladesh and India. Kolkata was spelled as Calcutta before, In Bengali, it is called Kalikata. It is the capital of West Bengal, India. In Dhaka, the train starts from Kamlapur railway station and in Kolkatta, it begins the journey from Chitpur. All the timing of arrival and departure are available on their official website or from the terminal. Moitri means friendship. It has started its service on 14 April 2008. It is new year day for Bengali people. Maitree Express Train has launched on 14-04-between Dhaka and Kolkata taking 13-00 hours running time with customs & immigration formalities. Presently no eToken is required for India Visa application if the traveler has the Train ticket. Rake BR Rake: Dhaka to Kolkata – 3107 Kolkata to Dhaka – 3108 IR Rake: Kolkata to Dhaka – 3109 Dhaka to Kolkata – 3110 Days of Run BR Rake 3107 will run on Friday from Dhaka to Kolkata and 3108 Kolkata to Dhaka on Saturday. IR Rake 3109 will run on Tuesday from Kolkata to Dhaka and 3110 Wednesday from Dhaka to Kolkata.

Time Table and Schedule

The Maitree Express will leave Kolkata every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday, and from Dhaka Cantonment on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from November 12. It is four day in a week.
Custom & Immigration
Custom & Immigration
08:10 (BST)
18:05 (IST)
13:50 (BST) TO 14:50 (BST)
13:50 (BST) 14:50(BST) 14:20( IST)
DA 12:35 (BST)
11:35 (BST) 11:05 (IST)
12:35 (BST) TO 11:35 (BST)
14:30 (IST) TO 16:00 (IST) 15:00 (BST) 14:30 (IST)
16:00 (IST)
DA 10:55 (IST)09:25 (IST) 10:55 (IST) TO 09:25 (IST)
18:10 (IST)
07:10 (IST)

Fares and Child ticket Kolkata-Dhaka Train

The fares have been agreed as follows: AC First/Cabin – USD 20 +15 % Vat AC Chair Car – USD 12+15 % Vat Non-AC Chair Car – USD 8 300 Taka Travel Tax to be paid at the time of purchase of the ticket for all classes.

Children, accompanied by an adult, under five years will be charged at 50% of the fare for the class of travel (Travel Tax and Vat will be charged if applicable). Tickets for travel will be issued only on production of valid travel document from 09-00 hrs. To 17-00 Hrs. At Kolkata counter & Dhaka Railway Station. Full fare ticket: . More than 35 kg up to 50 kg-Charge USD 2, to per kg or part thereof on each excess kg. . More than 50 kg-Charge USD 10 per Kg or part thereof on each excess Kg. Child ticket: . More than 20 kg up to 35 kg-Charge USD 2, per kg or part thereof on each excess kg. . More than 35 kg-Charge USD 10 per Kg or part thereof on each excess Kg. These rates have been kept access to dissuade misuse of the train for carrying goods for commercial purpose. Also, to maintain the luggage within reasonable limits so that immigration and customs checks are completed in time, and the train is not detained. Free Allowance for luggage and charges for excess luggage It was decided that free allowance for luggage will be 35 kg per full fare passenger and 20 kg per child ticket passenger, for all classes. The free allowance can be carried in up to two pieces of pieces of luggage. The dimensions of the luggage shall not exceed 65cm x 80cm, in view of the limitations of the scanners in use. More than 35/20 kg (as the case may be), excess luggage will be charged as follows: Catering Services Each rake will have a pantry car/CDR coach to provide catering services to the passengers on payment. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) staff will provide catering services between Kolkata and Gede in both the rakes as well as in both directions. BR will provide catering services between Darsana and Dhaka in both the rakes and in both directions. For the BR rake, CDR, i.e. the dining car will be taken over by the working guard between Darsana and Gede, who will hand over the CDR coach to the catering staff at Gede and Darsana respectively. :: Source Composition of the Maitree Express The composition of the Maitree Express train will be as follows:
Bangladesh Railway Indian Railways
Type of coach Seating Capacity of each coach Type of coach Seating Capacity of each coach
AC First/Cabin – 1 36 AC First/Cabin – 1 27
AC Chair Car -1 80 AC Chair Car -1 75
Non-AC Chair Car -2 92 Non-AC Chair Car -2 108
CDR (with built-in dining car)-2 51 SLR-2 20 + 6(for physically challenged passengers)
Power Car – 1 16 Power Car – 1 Nil
Total Coaches – 7 Total Coaches – 7
Total seating capacity is 418 passengers for the BR rake and 358 plus 12 (for physically challenged) passengers for the IR rake. Trolleys at Gede/Darsana. Adequate provision of hand trolleys to be used by passengers free of charge at Darsana Railway Station.

Dhaka Contact Phone Number

Kamlapur Rail Station Phone Number – 0088-02-9358634/0088-02-8315857 (Enquiry and Reservations) Mobile-008801711691612 Website-

Kolkatta Contact Number

It is at Fairlie Place in Kolkatta. It is a Government Building. The building has Founded on 15 August 1854.

Address Railway Booking Counter (Fairlie Place) 17, Strand Rd Kolkata 700007 West Bengal, India Call +91 33 2222 4016 Official Website:

Kolkata to Dhaka Flight
There are many international airlines operate from Dhaka to Kolkata. JET (9w) is one of the famous airways. Bangladesh Biman (BG) also has the daily flight on this route. It takes 30 to 45 minutes. Air India gives the cheapest airfare price air tickets. Fare in economy class is within tk10000/-tk14000/. Most of the airline offices are at Motijeel and Banani in Dhaka.
Kolkata to Dhaka Bus service
Maitree bus gives direct bus services to Dhaka-Kolkata-Dhaka. It starts from Kamlapur BRTC bus stand and in West Bengal last stop is at Salt Lake, BidhanNagar. They have daily bus services. Related Links

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