Loknath Baba Ashram at Baradi Sonargaon Narayanganj

Loknath Baba Ashram at Baradi Sonargaon Narayanganj

Loknath Baba Ashram is based on Baba Loknath, a saint, and Hindu religion in Bengal. The Ashram is in Baradi Sonargaon Upazila in Narayanganj District.

Bullet Information
Name বাবা লোকনাথ মন্দির
Location Baradi, Narayanganj
Type Temple
বাবা লোকনাথ ব্রহ্মচারী DOB 31 August 1730
Distance from Dhaka 35 Km from Dhaka

Loknath Baba Ashram is based on Baba Loknath (লোকনাথ ব্রহ্মচারী), a saint and Hindu religion spiritual philosopher in Bengal. The Ashram is in Baradi Sonargaon Upazila in Narayanganj District under the Dhaka Division. 

About Loknath Baba Ashram

The Temple is 35 kilometers from Dhaka. There is a guest house, Durga Mondop, and a pond in the ashram area. Samadhi of Baba is in this temple. The place is also very near to Jyoti Basu's paternal home. It is the holy place for Bengali Hindu pilgrimages. The main festival day is celebrated in June every year of Tirodhan Dibos (on Tithi) of Baba. The place is also the birthplace of great Indian left leaders father of  Jyoti Basu

Life of Baba Lokenath

Loknath was born on 31 August 1730 (Bengali calendar 18th Bhadra, 1137) on the sacred day of Krishna Janmashtami in the village of Chaurasi Chakla, named Kochua, a few miles away from Kolkata, North 24 Parganas, now in WB, India. He is from a Brahmin family. His father's name is Sri Ramnarayan Ghoshal and his mother's name is Shrimatee Kamaladevi. He has a lot of followers and devotees around the world. He has traveled on many pilgrimages on foot to Persia, Arabia, and Israel, Mecca. They believe at the age of 160, on June 1, 1890, C.E., Baba Lokenath took his Samadhi (Left his life means died).

There is only one photograph available at present of Baba Great quotation of Baba Lokenath to his devotees: "রণে, বনে, জলে, জঙ্গলে, যখনই বিপদে পড়িবে, আমায় স্মরণ করিও, আমিই রক্ষা করিব |" (Whenever you are in danger, whether in war, forest, ocean or jungle, remember Me. I shall save you.)

How to Go Loknath Baba Ashram at Barodi

  • The bus is available from Gulistan, Dhaka
  • Generally, it takes 1:30 hour from Dhaka
  • Barodi is on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway
  • It is after the Kachpur Bridge
  • It is 35 Km from Dhaka
  • The bus is available day and night after 30 30-minute gap
  • The nearest bus stop is Morapara

Ashram over the World Bangladesh Barodi, Narayanganj, Bangladesh

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