Saint Martins Island Tourist Spot in Bangladesh

Saint Martins Island Tourist Spot in Bangladesh

Saint Martins Island is in Cox’s Bazaar district in Bangladesh. The Island is one of the major destination for tourist.

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Saint Martins Island is in Cox’s Bazaar district in Bangladesh. The Island is one of the major destination for tourist.

It is the hub of colourful fishes and corals which are very restless to make others happy. The onlookers are their target group whom they overwhelm by their hospitality. To win the hearts of visitors, they always decorate the underwater world nicely. Is it possible for the sea creatures at all?

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About Saint Martins Island

British saint, Captain Martin, discovered an island, located in the Bay of Bengal,  and since it has been called St. Martin's Island, locally known as Narikel Jinjira, where you will find their unique craftsmanship. With vast marine and land resources, the paradisiacal reef, home to corals, algae, seaweeds, grasses and mangroves. About nine km south of Cox's Bazar-Teknaf, the mystery of this island lies under the water.

Take, its Chhera Dwip, a small island, appeared at high tide, making the entire atmosphere look glamorous. More than 200 species of fish are found in the water of this island. Of them, 16 are freshwater species while 89 are coral-associated. The most abundant corals are Damsel, Parrot, Surgeon, Groupers, Snappers, Emperors and Butterflyfish. Besides, 186 species of mollusk and oyster, seven species of crab, nine species of echinoderms, four species of sea urchin, one species of sea cucumber and some brittle stars are seen here.

On the northwest corner of the island is a popular spot as the sunset and low tide coincide here. Apart from this, on its west side, you will see the Sea Turtle Hatchery and have delicious foods like Fresh marine fish or lobsters. It is also called as Coconut Island for having a large number of coconut trees Heather and thither.  You take it as drink here at the cost of almost Tk 25. About 10 or 15 minutes after enjoying a walk on your way you may stumble as the southern point of the Island is millions of years coral-made old rock.

Beauty of the Island

Because it is Rock Beach. Afterwards, you can discover the existence of wildlife including lizard, migratory birds, and unique sweet water turtles habitat. There is another important thing is that relieving from sharp rocks found in the water while entering into the small island, Chhera Dwip, the adjacent area of St.Martin.

It is also home to over 5000 inhabitants who depend on fishing for their livelihood.Its local name Narikel Jinjira is derived from Narekal (coconut) found massive in numbers here. The island is also famous for the dry fish you the travelers can get it by reasonable price. There is a small bush, a green part of cheera-dwip, a green part of Chhera Dwip, too, enhancing the beauty of this island. Here many are also heard the sound of a type of Banjo with four pairs of strings, making the reef lively always.

A good number of films have also been made centering the island, locally also called “Nil shomudrer desh”. Of them, popular playwright and director Humayun Ahmed’s “Daruchini Dip” has played a pivotal role to reveal the secret of country’s only coral reef before those who are yet to fall in its love.Would you like to play with the restless fishes and live corals leave your home for the island and go missing in its beauty? To reach your destination, you can get the bus from Dhaka, Chittagong, and Cox's Bazar.

How to Go St. Martins Island

  • From Dhaka (Saydabad & Fakirapul) by bus up to Cox’s Bazaar
  • Cox’s Bazaar to Teknaf by Micro buses
  • From Teknaf Ship Station ride a Sea Truck, Ship, or Shallow engine boat to St. Martin Island
  • Remember sea trucks are the safest and the most comfortable.
  • It takes around  3 hours From Teknaf Ship Station to Saint Martins Island
  • Carie Sindbad sea vehicles are the most comfort and the fastest. Contact Address:- +88-02-8125881, +88-02-8156296, +88-02-8156297, +88-01817-210427
  • Sea Trucks leave Teknaf every morning at 9.00 am and return at St. Martin island in the same day at 3.00 pm.
  • Mobile phone network is available on the island

Hotel in Saint Martins Island

At present, there are many hotels; the guest house is on the island. Luxury resorts are also there.

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