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Himalayan Rock Salt Seller in Bangladesh at Low Price | 1 KG | Price ৳ 600


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Price : 600 | Quantity : 1 KG

We are selling Himalayan Rock Salt in Bangladesh at a low price in our store. Another name of this organic salt is Halite salt. It looks like crystals.

Bullet Information
Name Himalayan Pink Salt | হিমালয়ান পিংক সল্ট
Weight 1kg (2-3 Chunk)
Color 100% Pink
Form Stone
Product Of Punjab region of Pakistan
What is in the Packet 1 kg Pink Himalayan Salt | 100% pink.

We are selling Himalayan Rock Salt in Bangladesh at a low price in our store. Another name for this organic salt is Halite salt. It looks like crystals.

Himalayan Rock Salt

The popular name is Himalayan Pink Salt. Its color is pink with crystals looks. So the lamp is a very famous product of it. It is a combination of  5 spices. The salt is good for blood pressure. It aids in digestion, improves appetite, removes gas, and soothes heartburn. This salt has high concentrations of Minerals, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Manganese, and Selenium, which are essential for many organs of the body. It is a pink color to look at. So its other name is Pink Salt.

The primary source of this salt is the Himalayas. An Indian or Bangla name is Sendha Namak (সৈন্ধব লবণ). Keep in mind that rock salt should be kept in the kitchen room in the rainy season. We sell Himalayan salt chunks from our shop. 2 kilograms will cost BDT700.00. The salt is collected from the protected reserve Himalayan Mountains. This is totally unprocessed salt.  it contains more than 80 minerals and trace elements. Used for centuries to treat a variety of health conditions,

Rock Salt Benefits

The nutritional value of rock salt is very high. They have different effects on different parts of the human body. It is delicious with a variety of essential minerals. The salt Stimulates digestion improves appetite,  improves bowel functioning, and reduces acidity. These salt chunks have many health benefits. Our Himalayan salt is pure and edible. This Rock Salt is an unprocessed natural salt. It is better than table salt. It has a high quantity of minerals and also lacks chemicals and additives. These minerals increase the immune system of the body.


It has been used as edible salt in ancient times in India. The salt can be used as a substitute for table salt and cooking. It delicious when used for seasoning and in food preparation. It is a drug-free, complementary alternative therapy, which may accelerate healing and improve overall wellness and whole-body balance.

This therapy creates a negative ion environment which is what we experience at a beach, waterfall, or in the mountains. It is used to add taste in various dishes and for curing various respiratory disorders, and ailments like allergies, asthma, and the common cold. Rock Salt lamp is very popular in the Western world. There uses:

  • Making Lamp
  • For Spa
  • In Non-veg Restaurant
  • Table Salt
  • Air Purification

There may be some side effects. So before use, it is better to talk with a physician.

Chemical Formula

Himalayan salt had a lower sodium chloride composition than sea salt. It has higher amounts of other minerals. The minerals are sulfate, bicarbonate, magnesium, borate, calcium, potassium,  bromide, strontium, and fluoride.

Where to Buy

Our shop supplies the Himalayan Rock Salt to all metropolitan cities in Bangladesh. These are Barisal, Chittagong, Rangpur, Dhaka, Khulna, Rajshahi, and Sylhet. Our shop sells organic and pure products in Bangladesh.

TIPS: Always buy a chunk of Himalayan Salt. So you can judge it is pure.

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