Polytechnic Institutes of Bangladesh Admission  procedure

Polytechnic Institutes of Bangladesh Admission procedure

Polytechnic Institutes of Bangladesh Admission procedure holds every year after SSC result publish. It is also known as diploma college in Bangladesh.

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Polytechnic Institutes of Bangladesh Admission  procedure holds every year after SSC result publish. It is also known as diploma college in Bangladesh. They are one of the main educational streams in Bangladesh along with Schools, Madrasas, Colleges, and Universities. Every year they arrange admission test for new students after SSC exam result publish. [tabs type="tabs"] [tab title="Admission" active="true"]

Admission Process of Polytechnic Institutes in Bangladesh

Board of Technical Education takes a unified admission test for candidates willing to admit in the polytechnic institutes. The candidates have to apply online and pay fee of Tk.150 within 24 hours of submission of application through Teletalk SMS service. The candidates must be from science background having minimum GPA-3.5 with 3.00 in higher mathematics. The candidates having trade course by Bangladesh Technical Education Board can also apply for admission. For application, the candidates have to go to the following website: www.techedu.gov.bd. In the website, the candidates will have to press online admission button to open the application form. After application completion, the candidates will be given a Tracking Number which will be considered as roll number during the examination.

About The Institutes

These are popular form of technical educational and training institutes in Bangladesh. There are both government and private polytechnic institutes in Bangladesh. There are about 217 government polytechnic institutes in Bangladesh. Number of private polytechnic institutes in Bangladesh is 49 and the number is increasing day by day as the government of Bangladesh has decided to promote technical education to build technically sound generation. As Bangladesh is going towards digitization, the need for quality polytechnic institutes is the demand of time. The government has planned to establish at least one polytechnic institute in every district to promote technical education. [/tab] [tab title="Diploma Education"]

Importance of Diploma Education

The importance of  diploma college in Bangladesh cannot be described in words in the context of Bangladesh. The  institutes educate the students with technical education in a particular field so that the students can build up their own business or get a high paid job. As unemployment problem is one of the biggest problems in Bangladesh, such polytechnic institutes will go a long way to reducing unemployment problem as the students of polytechnic institutes can build up their own business and become self sufficient. The institutes also arrange loan facility for the students after competition of their degree so that they can build up their own workplace and also create employment for others. Also, there are not sufficient universities in Bangladesh for higher education. They will reduce increasing pressure in the public and private universities and the students failing to get admission in any university will be able to complete their degrees in these polytechnic institutes. Hence, it has become a supplement for the increasing needs of Universities. [/tab] [tab title="Subjects"]

Subjects in Polytechnic Institute

Mainly they give engineering education with vocational training to the students. Main subjects are electrical, electronics, computer science, civil, air-condition, welding, leader technology and may other modern subjects. [/tab] [tab title="Authority"]

Regulatory Authority

The polytechnic institutes are monitored and approved by Bangladesh Technical Education Board under Ministry of Education. University Grant Commission also plays a significant role in the affiliation of the institutes with various universities. All the polytechnic institutes are under at least one university notably the University of Dhaka, and the University of Chittagong. The universities closely monitor the education system and the syllabus of the polytechnic institutes. [/tab] [/tabs]

To know more about the admission procedure in Polytechnic Institutes in Bangladesh, you may visit the website of Board of Technical Education Bangladesh.

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