Patenga Sea Beach on Karnaphuli in Chittagong Bangladesh

Patenga Sea Beach on Karnaphuli in Chittagong Bangladesh

Patenga Sea Beach is of of the famous beach for tourist in Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is on the bank of Karnaphuli River.

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Patenga Sea Beach is the famous beach for tourist in Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is on the bank of Karnaphuli River.

About Patenga Sea Beach

Over decades, the reef has been luring millions of nature enthusiasts with its endless beauty. Everyone has some fond memories of childhood, but the robotic city life has restrained them from recalling the days even. When they were exhausted at one stage Patenga Sea Beach, located at the confluence of Karnaphuli River, gave them a new life. About 14 kilometers away from the port city Chittagong, the beach gained huge acclamations from domestic and foreign tourists for having some of the outstanding sunrises and sunsets. In 1991, a massive storm lashed the beach, leaving this damaged. Although the reef area is later covered by some square shaped concretes to thwart river erosion, it makes the area very splendid for the beach lovers. With this, those are dashing, and stylish seem it as a mega mall as a nearby market offers you interesting Burmese things, jewelry items, made of oyster shells and fascinating stones or clothes designed in native fashion, etc. The mind-blowing sunset viewing zone also offers you the busy guys a magnificent boat ride onto the ocean waves.
Don't lose your patience as it’s not your ending point. About 16 Km away from this reef, you will find another romantic place like that called Fouzdarhat sea beach. For the picnic, the family gets together, honeymoon, above all, spending vacation meant release or freedom, this beach is just like a paradise. Because as far as your eyes can see, you will find here nothing than beauty, charm, and beauty.
In the evening, Patenga wears a romantic look as chilling breeze touches its cheek this time. Also, the sighting of the thrilling waves of the sea from the beach is so touchy, forcing you to leave your cottage. Filled with sand, the sea beach is an ideal place to have a brief walk with your loved ones, enjoy breath in fresh air and have delicious seafood at the restaurants erected near the reef-lined with massive shady palm trees and fishing boats. This is the time when a chorus rendered by the fishermen creates a virtual melody in the air.

How to go

Wishing to make a trip unforgettable and sweet memory, get a bus from the port city Chittagong to Patenga by Auto. It may cost about Tk 250 fare.

Where to stay

The place is very near to Chittagong town. Tourist can remain in Chittagong. There are many hotels where you can stay. The visitor can see the cargo ships just a few kilometers away from the shore. They can hire a speed boat to visit the bank side of the beach. They also can select Cox's Bazar Sea Beach as their next destination. So have a pleasant journey.

Bangladesh Naval Academy

There is another option here. Take, you see the beach gathered you could visit nearby Bangladesh Naval Academy. Another unusual sight will dazzle your eyes when the solar deity takes a dip into the seawater. At this, vessels on the ocean set its journey, turning the deep sea-floor an adobe of fireflies. It is pathetic that the divine beauty of the beach is on the verge of ruin as plastic bottles, and another stuff is dumped on the beach randomly by the grace of a good number of vendors and visitors.
Keeping it in mind always that the beach is yours which gave you a new life once so still have time to look after it for your interest. Winter and rainy seasons both are good. There are different types of experience in each season.

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