Passport Application Form for Bangladeshi Citizen

Passport Application Form for Bangladeshi Citizen

Passport Application Form can download form official website of Bangladesh immigration department. It can easily apply from online.

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Passport Application Form can download form official website of Bangladesh immigration department. It can easily apply from online.

Passport Application Form

We advise our visitor flow BD government website. Read all their requirements then proceed. In every district, there is a regional office. Dhaka has its central office.

Here the website link for Bangladesh MRP Passport and renewal form for Bangladeshi national are available in the blank format, and one can easily download the blank form and print it. Bangladesh government provides three types of passport for Bangladesh citizens. Need to deposit fees in Shonali Bank.

First thing needs to do to apply for the passport on online. BD government has an official website for this purpose. There are three categories of passport.

Apply online Application for Bangladesh MRP Passport. Download Form Free download Passport Application Form for Bangladeshi BD Citizen

Things to do before submit

1. Deposit Money in Bank. 2. Fill up the online form. 3. Take a print of Passport Application Form 4. Add picture on the passport form 5. Attach the photo and other documents 6. Then go to the selected passport office 7. and Submit

How to apply for online MRP Passport in YouTube

[embed][/embed] It is better to visit Bangladesh government authorize website for the updated information.

Documents Requirements

  • Fill up 2 Copies of Forms. (Application Form)
  • Passport fee payment information
  • National ID card photocopy (Attested)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Government Order or GO
  • Old Passport copy (Attested)
  • Technical Certificate (if require)
  • Local Govt. Certificate
  • Previous passport reference
  • Passport delivery depends on Police verification report.
Some Tips For Applying Passport
  • Apply online
  • Read the Passport Application Form correctly.
  • Make an extra photocopy of all documents
  • Add Voter ID number, who attach Form
  • Do not give tips to anyone
  • Do not take the photo with white dress
  • Keep smiling face, people are not friendly there.
  • Police take TK500 to TK1000 for police clearance
  • Passport office start from 9 am
  • After submitting the application, keep the receipt with care
  • When passport is prepared, You will get an SMS

Category of Passport

Ordinary or Green Passport This is the most common type of passport for Bangladeshi citizen. General citizen possesses kind for the passport for travel and business.The maximum validity is years, which can be 10 years. Official or Blue Passport  It is a Government Officials passport.  It provides the holder visa-free access to individual countries such as Russia, China, Cambodia India, Singapore, Malaysia, Kuwait, Cambodia, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Chile, Turkey, Laos, Belarus, and India. Diplomatic or Red Passport  Diplomatic community people of Bangladesh hold this type of Passport. Also, the Members of Parliament receive this kind of privileged passport. This passport provides visa-free access to a lot of countries than the "official" passport.
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