Narsingdi Tourist Spots and Attractions  Bangladesh

Narsingdi Tourist Spots and Attractions Bangladesh

Narsingdi Tourist Spots are Wari Batteshwar, Tomb of Kabul Shah, and much more. The place is also famous for Lungi and Banana.

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Narsingdi Tourist Spots are Wari Batteshwar, Tomb of Kabul Shah, and much more. The place is also famous for Lungi and Banana.
Narsingdi (নরসিংদী) is a district under Dhaka Division in Bangladesh. Wari Batteshwar is the main tourist attractions of this place.
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Narsingdi Tourist Spots

Here is the list of top and famous Tourist Attractions in Narsingdi, Bangladesh. Narsingdi Sadar
  1. Bhoj Barmadeva discovered at village Belabo (eleventh century)
  2. Stone statue (Sena period)
  3. Silver coin of Giasuddin Azam Shah at village Algi
  4. Silver coin (Sultani period) at Panchdona
  5. Tomb of Kabul Shah
  6. Tomb, and Mosque of Hazrat Shah Osman,
  7. 29 silver coins (1011 AH) discovered at Laskar Para
  8. Arshinagor park is situated near the Narsingdi railway station.
  9. Dream Holiday Park near by Narsingdi.
  10. Sonaimore Benodon park
Palash Upazila
  1. Parulia Mosque (1716)
  2. Mia Bari Mosque at Ghorashal
  3. Tomb of Dewan Sharif
  4. Danga Bholabo Ancient Kali Bari
  5. Gogeswar Sadhu Ashrama (1092)
  6. Kathunath Temple at Danga
  7. Kanai Lal Temple at Barab
  1. Wari Batteshwar village
  2. Mazar of Shah Irani (R) at Habashpur (Sultanate period)
  3. High rise chimney of Nilkuthi at village Mahmudabad
  1. Single domed mosque at Mia Bari (1890),
  2. Mosque of Abdul Hai Maulvi at Shukundi (1900).
  1. The graveyard of Shaheed Asad, (the Hero of 1969 ) at Dhanua in Shibpur Upazila
  2. Three Domed Mosque (Ashrafpur, 1524)
  3. Single domed mosque (Kumardi)
  4. Tomb of Shah Mansur  at Kumardi
  5. Two copper plate inscriptions (seventeenth century) discovered at village Ashrafpur
  6. A gold coin (Gupta period) discovered at village Baghaba.
  • Bibi Joynab Mosque (1719),
  • Raghunath Mandir (c seventeenth century)
  • Tomb and Mosque of Hazrat Shah Osman
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It is situated 51 km north-east of Dhaka. It is acknowledged as a district in 1984. It consists of six Upazilas, six Pourashova (Municipality) and seventy Unions. The district is famous for its textile craft industry.
The district has a strong history and heritage in diversified culture with indigenous with an old civilization of Buddist Period. This is the birth place of Girish Chandra Sen, first translator of Holy Quran in Bengali. Bananas (Sagor Kola) from Narsingdi are famous for size, taste, flavor, and color.
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Upazila / Thana / Sub - Districts
  • Belabo
  • Monohardi
  • Narsingdi Sadar
  • Palash
  • Raipura
  • Shibpur


The Meghna, Arial Kha, the Shitalakshya,  Haridhoa, the old Brahmaputra, and Paharea are the main rivers that flow through this district. Bordered and Bounded By
  • Kishoreganj district on the north
  • Narayanganj and Brahmanbaria districts on the south
  • Brahmanbaria and Kishoreganj districts on the east
  • Gazipur district on the west
[/tab] [tab title="How to Go"] Narsingdi district city stands on the bank of the Branch of Meghna and located at adjacent to the Dhaka-Sylhet National Highway. It is 72.5 km from Dhaka. and it may take 2 hours 20 minutes from Shaydabad Bus stand. [/tab] [/tabs] Related Links

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