Narayanganj Tourist Spots and Attractions in Bangladesh

Narayanganj Tourist Spots and Attractions in Bangladesh

Narayanganj Tourist Spots are Panam City at Sonargaon, Jyti Basu House - Barodi, Hazigonj Fort and many more for visitors. 

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Narayanganj Tourist Spots are Panam City at Sonargaon, Jyoti Basu House - Barodi, Hazigonj Fort and much more for visitors. It is a district under Dhaka division. There are many famous tourist attractions in Narayanganj.

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About Narayanganj

It is very close to Dhaka capital of Bangladesh. It has the oldest river port. Before it was famous for jute and cotton business. Now, this districts become the main center for the textile sector. It is also known as Dundee of Bangladesh. Now the ancient city Panam Nagar ( Sonargaon) is under this districts. Shitalakshya River crosses through the town.

Upazilas and Thanas

  • Araihazar
  • Sonargaon
  • Bandar
  • Naryanganj Sadar
  • Rupganj
  • Siddirgonj
Post Code Numbers:
  • Araihazar- 1450
  • Baidder Bazar- 1440
  • Bara Nagar- 1441
  • Barodi- 1442
  • Bandar- 1410,
  • D.C Mills- 1411
  • Nabiganj- 1412
  • Madanganj- 1414
  • Fatullah- 1420
  • Fatulla Bazar- 1421
  • Narayanganj Sadar- 1400
  • Rupganj- 1460
  • Kanchan- 1461
  • Bhulta- 1462
  • Nagri- 1463
  • Murapara- 1464
  • Siddirganj- 1430
  • Adamjeenagar- 1431
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Narayanganj Tourist Spots and Attractions

Sadar Upazila
  • Hazigonj Fort - Near Fair Service.
  • Bibi Mariam Mazar
  • Enayetnagar Mosque
  • Tomb of Mia Shah
  • Lakshmi-Narayan Mandir
  • Mary-Enderson Floating Restaurant
  • Pagla Bridge - at Fattula
  • Dockyard
  • Marine Academy
  • Narayanganj Riverport
  • Baba Saleh Mosque (1505) -  at Salehnagar
  • Bandar Shahi Mosque (1481 AD)
  • Nabiganj Kadam Rasul Shrine (1580)
  • Dewanbagh Mosque
  • Sonakanda Fort  (1600)
  • Farazikanda Mosque
  • Jyoti Basu House - Barodi
  • Panam City
  • Loknath Ashram - Barodi
  • Loko Karu Shilpa Foundation
  • Fatheh Shah mosque (1489 AD),
  • Tomb of Sultan Ghiyasuddin Azam Shah (1410 AD),
  • Alauddin Hussain Shah -single domed mosque(1522),
  • Tomb of Shah Langar (1422),
  • Panch Pir Dargah and Mosque at Bhagalpur
  • Khasnagar Dighi
  • Company Kuthi
  • Yusufganj Mosque,
  • Goaldi Mosque (1519)
  • Langalband (holy bathing spot)
  • Mazar of Hazrat Garibullah Shah (R) and Jangali Shah (R) at Haizadi,
  • coloured glass decorated Durga Mandir,
  • house of Zamindar Birendra Roy Chowdhury,
  • Dighipar Math (Araihazar),
  • single-domed' Jami Mosque (Uchitpur)
  • Murapara Zamindar Bari
  • Adamjee EPZ
[/tab] [tab title="How to Go"] Transportation and Communication 
Car, bus, and train are primary transportation to reach. You can get direct gate lock AC bus services. Main bus stops are in Motijheel, Gulistan, Saidabad from Dhaka. The train station is in Dhaka Kamlapur. It si 26km from Dhaka. The traveler can take private car also.
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Hotel and Accommodation
Hotels are available in Narayanganj Sadar and Rail gate area. It is better to stay night in Dhaka.
[/tab] [tab title="Weather"] Weather / Climate and Temperature
  • Highest average temperature:   June 36.3°c Celsius
  • Lowest Average temperature:   January, 12.7°c Celsius.
  • The average amount of rainfall is  2376 mm.
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