Nakshi Kantha (নকশি কাঁথা) a traditional craft in Bangladesh

Nakshi Kantha (নকশি কাঁথা) a traditional craft in Bangladesh


Nakshi Kantha (নকশি কাঁথা) with full embroidery Stitch designs at a low price, we sell it all parts of Bangladesh and abroad.

Bullet Information
Name নকশি কাঁথা
Company Name Apon Butic | আপন বুটিক
Proprietor Nazmun Nahar
Located Kustia
Country Bangladesh
Note Call us any time
Nakshi Kantha (নকশি কাঁথা) is a traditional type of embroidered quilt made in Bangladesh. Katha Means the cloth which uses at night over the body.There are artistic decorative stitch on it. It is fully handmade. We supply it from Kushtia all over Bangladesh. This indigenous handcrafted is fashionable. These quilts are typically made from old saris and dhotis. We sell it in Bangladesh and abroad at a low price.
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It is a handmade product. It can be used in any season. Also can be used as a bed cover. It is a good gift item for your well-wisher. There are many types of Katha in the market. The Price of the product depends on design. It might take 10 to 15 days to make a better quality quilt.
  • We receive orders for special designs from our customers. So pls call us -01714513076

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