Megalithic Tombs Stone in Jaintapur Sylhet

Megalithic Tombs Stone in Jaintapur Sylhet

Megalithic Tombs Stone is a monument located at Janitapur Upazila of Sylhet in Bangladesh. It is one of the tourist famous places in the Sylhet.

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Megalithic Tombs Stone is a monument located at Janitapur Upazila of Sylhet in Bangladesh. It is one of the famous places in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh.
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History of Megalithic Tombs Stone in Jaintapur Sylhet 

Because of the geographic location, the place remained independent for a long time for what the place. It is mentioned in Epic, Tantric Literature, and Pranic literature. The historic place was ruled by various dynasties in the past including Kamrupa kingdom, Chandra, and Varman rulers. After the fall of the Varman dynasty, the area was ruled by Deva dynasty. Jyanta Ray, the last king of Jayantapur had a daughter named Jayanti. Against the name of Jayanti the place was named Jayantipur. [/tab] [tab title="Main Attractions"]

Major Tourist Attractions

The site contains many remnants of Janita kingdom. You will be able to see majestic Rajbari or King’s place, Jainteshvari temple, and Megalith Stone Monument. The main attraction of the tourist spot is the Megalith Stone Monument. It is the only Megalithic Monument in Bangladesh. If you want to see other Megalithic Monuments, you will have to go to Turkey, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, and Ireland. [/tab] [tab title="How to Go"]

How to Get to Megalithic Tombs Stone

Sylhet Sadar is about 237 Kilometers away from Dhaka, and it may take up to 5 hours to reach the spot through Dhaka-Sylhet Highway. The architecture is about 40 km away from Sylhet Sadar. From Sylhet Sadar, you may reach the spot through the bus, Jeep, private car, and many other vehicles. From Dhaka, you find many bus services that take people to Sylhet. You will have to get down in Sylhet bus stop. You may also go there by train from Kamalapur Railway Station. After going to Sylhet, you will have to use local vehicles to reach the tourist spot. Local zip code is 6400. [/tab] [tab title="Hotels"]
Accommodation and Food
There are many hotels and restaurants in Sylhet Sadar. You may both stay there and have food. All kinds of local and foreign foods in these restaurants. You may consider staying in:
  • Hotel Supreme and Exotica Restaurant- East Mirabazar, Tamabil Rd
  • Hotel Star Pacific-Dargah Gate
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Nearest Tourist Spots
There many places to visit. Some of the tourist spots mentioned here are very close to one another. So, you may consider visiting them on the same day.
  • Mazar of Shahajalal and
  • Shaha Paran,
  • Gaur Govinda Fort,
  • Shahi Eidgah
[/tab] [/tabs] It is one of the favorite tourist spots in Bangladesh. Every year thousands of visitors from all over the world come here to visit the site. Related Links

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