Mahasthangarh Archaeological Sites Bogra Bangladesh

Mahasthangarh Archaeological Sites Bogra Bangladesh

Mahasthangarh is an archaeological sites so far discovered in Bogra, Bangladesh. It was the ancient capital of Pundravardhana.

Bullet Information
Site Name Mahasthangarh
Founded 3rd century BC
Discovered in 1931,
located 11 km (6.8 mi) north of Bogra | Shibganj Upazila

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Mahasthangarh ( মহাস্থানগড় ) is an archaeological site so far discovered in Bangladesh. It was the ancient capital of Pundravardhana. It is situated in Bogra, a northern district of the Rajshahi division of Bangladesh, called the gateway to North Bengal.

History and Background of Mahasthangarh Bogra

Mahasthangarh is a very important historical site in Bangladesh that attracts thousands of visitors to this place every year. Mahasthangarh was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Pundravardhana. It is the most ancient kingdom in the region dates back as far as 1280 BC. The name of the place is also found in the Hindu scriptures such as Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Puranas. In Puranas, it is mentioned that a powerful king named Vasudeva ruled the Pundravardhana in 1280 BC.

Importance of the Place

The place is very important as it holds the history of thousands of years of this region. We can see the sculptures, writings and thousands of years old artefacts in this great historical place. The place is of great importance for archaeologists who want to discover the past and history.

Major Attractions of the Place

A visit to the Mahasthangarh site museum will open up to you wide variety of antiquities. You will find antiques ranging from terracotta, objects of gold ornaments, ancient coins, and many other remnants that have been recovered from the site. You will find a lot of works are still going on to discover more ancient remnants. All these remnants hold our ancient culture and traditions. In the main area of Mahasthangarh, you will find Bairagir Bhita, Khodarpatar Bhits, Parasuramer Prasad, Govinda Bhita etc. These are the major excavation sites within the citadel of Mahasthangarh.

Nearest Tourist Attractions

There are many other tourist spots within the 8 kilometres of Mahasthangarh which you can visit as well. Some of the major sites include Tolaram Panditer Dhap, Narapatir Dhap, Gokul Medh, and Klulnar Khap situated in the village of Chengshipur.

Transportation and Communication

You have to go to Bogra first from Dhaka by road. There are many bus services available from Saidabad and Gabtoli Bus Station, Dhaka. From Bogra town, you can go to Mahastangarh by rickshaw, auto-rickshaw or bus. You can also reach Bogra in aero route. In this case, you will have to land at Bogra Airport and then take a bus to reach the historic site. One can also go to Bogra by train. The name of the train is Lalmonirhat Express. The train leaves from Dhaka to Bogra from the Comolapur Railway Station. It will take up to 7 hours to reach Bogra by train.

Accommodation and Food

The tourists can stay in the luxurious motel with restaurants run by Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation. There is an Archaeological Department rest house for the visitors. The visitors can also find many private hotels and restaurants to stay in and have food in the Bogra city.


Mahasthangarh, Bogra Postal Code- 5800 207 kilometres away from Dhaka

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