Khagrachari Tourist Places and Attractions in Bangladesh

Khagrachari Tourist Places and Attractions in Bangladesh

Khagrachari Tourist Places are Sajek Valley, Panichari Brihot Buddha sculpture, Richhang waterfall and more. Winter is the best season for travel.

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Khagrachari Tourist Places are Sajek Valley, Panichari Brihot Buddha sculpture, Richhang waterfall and more.  Winter is the best season for tourism for the visitor.  

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Khagrachari District Information

Khagrachari is a district in Bangladesh. It is under Chittagong Division. Locally it is known as "Chengmi" and also known as Phalang Htaung or the Mong Circle. It is a hilly district in Bangladesh. It is also a part of Chittagong Hill Tracts. The place is one of the most magnificent places for tourist with hills, forest, waterfalls, and aborigine. Three rivers flow on the through the district. These are Chengi, Kasalong and Maini and Chengi. Main attraction is the tribal culture, green tree, hilly road and people also. Private and government rest house, hotels, motels, and resorts are available. Majority people are Marma and Chakma. Local primary transportation is Chader Gari.
There are 8 Upazilas under this district. They are Dighinala, Khagrachhari, Lakshmichhari, Mahalchhari, Manikchhari, Matiranga, Panchhari and Ramgarh. It is bounded by the Indian State of Tripura on the north, Rangamati and Chittagong districts on the south,
It is bounded by the Indian State of Tripura on the north, Rangamati and Chittagong districts on the south, Rangamati on the east, Chittagong and the Indian State of Tripura on the west. Postal Code is 4400. NWD Code is 0371.Government Official Website is
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List of Khagrachari Tourist Places

  • Khagrachhari Sadar
  • Alu Tila Mysterious Cave, There is entry fee (Ticket) to enter the cave.
  • Kamvanga
  • Bhanga Mura
  • নুনছড়ি দেবতার পুকুর
  • হেরিটেজ পার্ক
  • Horticulture Hanging Bridge
  • Matiranga Upazila
  • Alu Tila Chaitta Buddhist Vihara,
  • Bhagaban Tila.
  • Banyan Tree more than Hundred Years Old
  • Risang Jarna
  • Dighinala
  • তৈদু ঝর্ণা দীঘিনালা
  • দীঘিনালা বন বিহার
  • Dighinala Manikker Dighi
  • Dighi Nala Waterfall
  • Dighinala Reserve Forest
  • Panchhari Upazila
  • পানছড়ি অরন্য কুটির। এশিয়া মহাদেশের দ্বিতীয় সর্বোচ্চ উচ্চতার বৌদ্ধ মুর্তি সহ ৩০০ একর অরন্যক ভূমিতে এগারটি সাধনা কেন্দ্র।
  • Panichari Brihot Buddha sculpture
  • Mahalchhari Upazila
  • Mahalchhari Thana Bhaban
  • Chengi Bridge,
  • Chitta Mandir,
  • Nunchhari Devata Pukur (pond)
  • ধুমনী ঘাট
  • Manikchhari Upazila
  • Mung Rajbari
  • Sindukchhari Pond
  • Sundar Shah Tomb
  • Ramgarh Upazila
  • Mahamuni Buddhist Monastery (Nakaba)
  • Ramgor Lake and Tea Garden
  • Ramgar Hill
  • SDO Bungalow
  • Rifles Memorial Monument (Ramgarh)
  • Laakshmichhari Upazila
  • Shilachhari Buddhist Vihara,
  • Masterpara Buddhist Keyang,
  • Major Para Buddhist Keyang
  • Tomb of Shilachhari Sundarshah
  • Lakshmichari Waterfall
  • শিলাছড়ি গুহা
  • -----
  • Sajak and Marissa Valley in Ranga Mati
  • Sapachari Waterfall
  • Yonged Buddha Bihar
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Transportation and Communication

From Dhaka to Chittagong is 249.7 km and Chittagong to Khagrachhari is 118 km. Tourist has to go there via Chittagong by air, train or bus. The direct bus is available from Dhaka. They are BRTC, Dolphin Paribahan, S. Alam. There is an only direct way from Dhaka to Khagrachari that is by bus. Most of the bus services are from Dhaka Kalabagan. Name of main bus terminal is Khabangpujjya.Nearest Airport is in Chittagong.
[caption id="attachment_6491" align="aligncenter" width="409"]Khagrachari City Riagram Map Khagrachari City Diagram Map[/caption]
Khagrachari Tourist Places are on hill area. There are many waterfalls are in this places. Dighinala waterfall is one of the famous.
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Hotels and Accommodations

Khagrachari Guest House
College Road, Mohajon Para
Phone - 01556510951
System Restaurant - For Lunch and Dinner
Pankhaya Para, Khagrachari Sadar - 4400
Phone- 0371-62634, Mobile- 01556773493, 01863-607090
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