Indian Bangla Newspapers list From Bangla

Indian Bangla Newspapers list From Bangla

Indian Bangla Newspapers list are  given below. These are published from West Bengal Kolkata and Tripura province of India.

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Indian Bangla Newspapers list is given below. These are published in West Bengal Kolkata and Tripura province of India.

Most of the newspapers have their online version. Here is the list of online popular daily Bengali Daynik Patrika and magazines published from West Bengal Kolkatta India.

Bangla newspapers have a long history of newspaper publishing. It has been printed for almost a century now. The Gazetteer was the first Indian newspaper in Bengali. It was in the English language. Now there are many printed papers WB. They are also specialized, like morning paper, evening paper, football and cricket sports magazines, and women's magazines. Daily papers focus on politics and economics. The Ananda Bazar Patrik is one of the leading and popular newspapers in West Bengal.

They try to cover local and international news. At the time of festivals, like Puja, IDE prints unique features. Every newspaper has there is an online version. So, current news is available there. Online Paper is known as ePaper. At the time of Hartal, Bandha, Parliament election, Loksava, and Bidhan Sava, they published updated news. All the companies have news archives and subscriptions.

Top Indian Bangla Newspapers

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Note: West Bengal local government has changed their province name. Now it is Bangla.

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