Gopalganj Tourist Spots in Bangladesh ! Birth Place of Bangabandhu

Gopalganj Tourist Spots in Bangladesh ! Birth Place of Bangabandhu

Gopalganj Tourist Spots are Mazar of  Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Anayna Chandra Ghat. It is a district under Dhaka division of Bangladesh.

Bullet Information
Name Gopalganj Tourist Spots
Postal Code 8000
NWD Code is 08227
Nearest Airport Barishal
Official Website

Gopalganj Tourist Spots are Mazar of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Anayna Chandra Ghat and much. It is a district under the Dhaka division of Bangladesh.

Gopalganj District Information

The main city is Gopalganj. Our great Leader Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was born here. This district is very important in Bangladesh politics. The transportation system is Good. It takes 5 hours from Dhaka by road. There is no train or air facility. Gopalganj Tourist Spots are famous for all kinds of people.


Gopalganj is the border with Faridpur on the north, Pirojpur and Bagerhat districts on the south, Madaripur and Barisal districts on the east, and Narail districts on the west. Main rivers are Garai, Madhumati, Kaliganga, Hunda, Ghagarand old Kumar River. Borni Baor, Chandar Beel, and Baghyar Beel.


There are 5 Upazilas in the district. They are:

  • Gopalgnaj Sadar,
  • Kashiani,
  • Kotalipara,
  • Muksudpur, and
  • Tungipara
Weather and Temperature

The Highest average temperature: is 35.8°c Celsius. 12.6°c Celsius is the lowest average temp. The average amount of rainfall is 2105 mm.

Gopalganj Town

It is a municipal town. It was established in 1972. It consists of nine (9) wards and forty-nine (49) Mahallas. The area of the city is 8.59 square kilometers.

Gopalganj Tourist Spots List

  • Gopalganj Sadar
  • Akramuzzaman Park
  • Joy Bangla Pond
  • Barni Baor of Gopalganj Sadar
  • Shek Fazlul Haq Muni  memorial hall
  • Anayna Chandra Ghat
  • Ulpur Landlord House (Currently Tafsil Office)
  • Arpara Zamindar Palace
  • St Mathuranath AG Church (1875)
  • Asram of Shukh Deva (1802)
  • Gayebi Mosque at Khagail
  • Court Mosque
  • Tungipara Upazila
  • Bangabandhu Memorial Complex (Tungipara)
  • Graveyard of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman
  • Baganbari of Tungipara (Birds Sanctuary)
  • Gaohordanga Madrasa,
  • Borni'r Baor
  • Madhumoti river
  • Patgati Bazar
  • Baghir River
  • Union Digital Center
  • Kotalipara Upazila
  • Homestead of Poet Sukanta - at Unshia
  • Lal Saplar Bil of Kotalipara
  • Kotalipara Union Institution (1898),
  • Bahutali Sikder Bari Mosque (200 years old),
  • Dighalia Dakhina Kalibari
  • Kashiani Upazila
  • Orakandi Thagure Bari of Kashiani
  • Sree Sree Hari Mandir- Kashiani
  • Chander Bil -Kashiani
  • Hundred years old mango tree -Kashiani
  • Ramdia Chandra Nath Basu Asram Kashiani
  • House of Land Lord Gresh Chandra Sen - Vatia Para, Kashiani
  • House of Sakhi Charan Kashiani
  • Muksudpur Upazila
  • Dik Nagar Bridge
  • Dik Nagar Muktijudho Stombo
  • Choto Bogram Jamider Bariছোট বনগ্রাম জমিদার বাড়ী।
  • Uzanir Landlord Palace
  • Others
  • Bahutali Mosque
  • Kotali Fort
  • Khaner Par Lake

How to Go Gopalganj

The district is 140 km From Dhaka. It takes 2 hours to use The Padma Sethu. Frey communication is also available via Mawa. The nearest Airport is at Barishal. The name of the main bus terminal is Police Line in Gopalganj. Generally, the traveler uses the Dhaka-Mawa road from Gulishthan. Then they use the ferry, speedboat, or launch to cross the Padma River. Tekerhat is one of the main hubs of going to Gopalganj. Buses are also available from Saidabad.


The government circuit house and Hotel Shohag is very familiar to tourist.

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