Feni Tourist Places and Spots in Bangladesh

Feni Tourist Places and Spots in Bangladesh

Feni Tourist Places are Lalpur Fort, Shuvapur Fort, Bilonia old Rail Satation and more. The place is famous for Dighi.

Bullet Information
Name Feni Tourist Places
Area 990.36 square kilometers (382.38 sq mi)
Distance 167 km From Dhaka
Main Bus Terminal Mahi Paul
Train Station (Nuton Bazar
Airport Nearest Airport is in Chittagong
Postal Code 3900
NWD Code 0331
Division Chittagong
Website ফেনী জেলা

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Feni is a district under Chittagong Division. The name comes from the Feni River. It was known as Samsernagor in the British period. A long time ago it was a part of the sea.  Previously it was with Noakhali district. It became a district on 15 February 1984.
It has 6 upazilas. At the time of digging Chagalnaiya pond, a tool was found of the New Stone Age. According to scholars, the Hata Kurala is nearly five thousand years old. Many historical and archaeological tourist spots and places are in this district. There is a  girls cadet college in Feni.

Feni Tourist Places and Spots

  1. Bijoy Singh Dighi at Mohipal (1760)
  2. Bilonia Border Point (Porushuram)
  3. Bilonia old Rail Satation
  4. Chandgazi Mosque ChagalNaya (built 400 years ago)
  5. Government College Building (1822 AD)
  6. Graveyard of St. Pagla Mia
  7. Hatia Island
  8. Hazrat Shah Syed Amir Uddin R (Pagla Baba) shrine
  9. Kachar Bari of Tripura Moharaza
  10. Lalpur Fort
  11. Mohammad Ali Chowdhury Mosque (built 700 years ago
  12. Monastery of the tunnel wall, phulagaji
  13. Mountainous Dharmapur area
  14. Mountainous in Sonapara in Phulagaji
  15. Muhuri Barrage
  16. Rajazhi Lake
  17. Sarsadi Mosque and Fort
  18. Sasam Gazi Fort and Armoury
  19. Shuvapur Fort
Upazillas or Subdistrict
  • Feni Sadar
  • Chagalnaiya
  • Daganbhyan
  • Parshuram
  • Fhulgazi
  • Sonagazi

Feni is 165km from Dhaka. It takes a 3-4 hour journey from Dhaka and 2 hours from Chittagong. There are bus and train commission. Visitors can plan for one day's travel from Dhaka. Noakhali is its border district.

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