21 February Bengali Language Movement Day

21 February Bengali Language Movement Day

21 February word is a most important sound for Bengali nation. A Boi Mela is arranged at Bangla Academy and Sohrawardi uddan in this month.

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21 February word is a most remarkable sound for the Bengali nation. Bangla Academy arranges a book fair (Boi Mela) at Bangla Academy and Sohrawardi Uddan in this month. This Ekushe February is Language Movement Day in Bangladesh and whole over the world.

21st February is the most memorable day for the Bangladeshis. This day is known as International Mother Language Day. Bangladeshi language martyrs brought the success to make the Bengali language as a national language of Bangladesh. They have charged their lives to save the mother tongue Bengali in 21st February 1952. the Bengali nation celebrates this day every year as Language Martyrs Day in Bangladesh to Shaheed Minar.

21st February is a day of celebration, a joy of independence and morally important history day. The world remembers their old and new culture, their present lives. In fact, people of all nation celebrating this day worldwide festival.

History of 21 February 1952

Bangladesh, an independent country took place on the world map on 1971. The past was not so canorous. Bangladeshis fought with the foe in the specified year. But this was not a success of a single day.

Formerly, Bangladesh name was East Pakistan before 1971. After 1947, the whole subcontinent was divided into three parts. Among them, Bangladesh was called East Pakistan, and present Pakistan was West Pakistan.

Army, the rulers and authorities of West Pakistan never wanted to make the Bengali language as East Pakistan national language. They tried to throw away Bengali language and make Urdu as whole Pakistan mother tongue. Then the young students woke up to make Bengali as mother language of this country.

Police declared an order under the 144 section of contemporaneous government rules at the time. The students of East Pakistan started to roar against the West Pakistani rulers.

On the Ekushey February, The students of Dhaka University came out to the road breaking the law code to make Bengali as their first language. They started to turmoil as they were needed success.

Abdus Salam, Rafiq Uddin Ahmed, Abul Barkat, Abdul-Jabbar and many young students lead the agitation. Whole East Pakistan became agitated to make their dreams true.

Police started to fire upon the students, and many students lost their lives at Dhaka University campus on 21st February. Those students were sought in the Martyrs list.

After that thrilling event, Pakistani leaders could not but make the Bengali language as the state language. Students had made a monument near Dhaka medical college. A popular song has written by Mr. Abdul Gaffar Choudhury is the key song for the month and the day “Amar Bhaier Rokte Rangano.”The history of 21st February 1952 brought a big success instead of those young lives.

Achievement Ekushe February

Achievement of 21st February is ineffable. 21st February language movement helped the Bangladeshis to approach newer morning. After the language movement, Bangladeshis got Bengali as first and mother language approved by coeval rulers. In 17th November 1999, UNESCO declared the 21st February as “International Mother Language Day” officially to honor and remember the language martyrs for their concentration of mind, endeavor, and patriotism.

From the next year 2000, 21st February, the whole world celebrates as International Mother Language Day. Bangladesh also celebrates this day as Language Martyrs Day. On this day, many cultural functions, fireworks, competitions, sports and recreations are hold up worldwide especially in Bangladesh.

Ekushe February accelerated Bengali people to acquire their right. Thus, they started liberation war in 1971 and got independence after nine months of the bloody war. About three million mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers left their lives in the liberation war to put a step on the success.

Activities in Ekushe February

Bengali people arrange many events on that day. They are the cultural function, book fair, Natok and many other things. 21 February is worked as a power source for the martyrs and Bengalis.

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