Bishwa Ijtema Muslim congregation on Turag Tongi Dhaka

Bishwa Ijtema Muslim congregation on Turag Tongi Dhaka

Bishwa Ijtema (বিশ্ব ইজতেমা) Tablighi Jamaat will be held from 2 to 4 February 2024 on the bank of Turag river at Tongi in Dhaka city, Bangladesh.

Bullet Information
Name Bishwa Ijtema | বিশ্ব ইজতেমা
Started 1949 to Present
Organised By Tablighi Jamaat
Venue Tongi Ijtema Ground on the banks of the river Turag near Dhaka, Bangladesh
Date 2 to 4 February 2024

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Every year Bishwa Ijtema (বিশ্ব ইজতেমা) Tablighi Jamaat is held on the bank of Turag River at Tongi in Dhaka city, Bangladesh. This year it is going to be held from 2 to 4 February 2024. Now the place is a holy land for Muslims.

About Bishwa Ijtema

It is an annual worship of Tablighi (an Arabic word, which means to reach out) Jamaat Islam. It is the second-largest Muslim congregation in the world after the Hajj. Approximately 150 countries' devotees join in this global congregation. More than twenty thousand foreign delegates attend the congregation each year. Bangladesh Biman offers special fares for them. The event is held from December to January in the Winter season.

Muhammad Ilyas al-Kandhlawi started this in eastern India in the year 1926. Uttar Pradesh province. In Bangladesh, it began sixty years ago, in June 1946 at Kakaraila mosque, near Ramna Park in Dhaka. In 1948, it was held in Chittagong Ijtema (means a public gathering) Haji camp. After that, it was held in 1958 in Narayangang Siddirganh. Then it was known as the only Muslim Congregation. The first camp started at Tagar village, Turag Tongi under the Gagipur district in 1966.

It is a peaceful religious festival gathering organized by Tablighi Jamaat. Now it has become a unique international event. It is not open to political discussions.

This year Bishwa Ijtema Tablighi Jamaat will be held from Starts: January 8 to Jan 10, 2016, in two phases. Its second phase will begin after a four-day break -Starting on January 15, 2016:00.000 and it will finish with the Akheri Munajat end: on January 17, 2016:00.000. The Bangladesh government all kinds of support to the pilgrims, like water supply, and medical facilities, and transportation. At the event time, no movie camera is allowed. But Akheri Munajat can be broadcast directly. There is some mirage ceremony without any dowry.

Location Venue of Bishwa Ijtema

The venue is on the bank of the Turag River at Tongi, Gagipur, a small town in the district of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is near about 160 acres of land. The town is not very far from Dhaka. The place is 24 km or 15 miles north of Dhaka city the capital of Bangladesh. It is near Uttra and Shjalal airport. Tongi is an industrial area which has several cotton and jute-processing factories. It is one of the pilgrim spots for Muslims whole over the world.

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