Visa Application Forms and Guidelines for Bangladeshi Citizens

Visa Application Forms and Guidelines for Bangladeshi Citizens

Visa Application Forms and Guidelines for Bangladeshi Citizens

Visa application forms of some selected countries can be downloaded from here for Bangladeshi Citizens. A large number of tourist visits in India from Bangladesh. The second and third country is Thailand and Malaysia. Forth country is Singapore. Mainly travelers visit these countries not as a tourist, But for also as medical treatment. Singapore, Hong Kong, and China are the business places for travelers. So they require visa and visa forms. Some visa forms can be downloaded freely online in PDF or Word format. Some have to buy from the embassy gate. There is an extra visa fee for the visa. Different categories of visas charge differently, like tourist visas, non-immigrant visas, transit visas, and more.

Applicants should be very careful to fill up the application form. Name, DOB, and passport number need to be written correctly. Sometimes we make mistakes in these places.

For getting a visa, some agencies are in Bangladesh. They are the authorized dealers or visa agents from a specified country. Australia, the US, and Singapore have been appointing such kinds of agents in Bangladesh. They give the service against a service charge. Most of their offices are in Motijeel and Gulshan diplomatic zones in Dhaka.

India has there online application system, After applying online, will have to go to the visa office of their authorized agent SBI in Dhaka.

Online Visa Application Forms

  • China - Chinese Application Form of the People's Republic of China.
  • India - Apply online.
  • UK - Apply online
  • Nepal - Download or collect from the embassy.
  • Hong Kong - Cathay Pacific airline gives all the support.
  • Malaysia - Need to go Malaysian embassy in Dhaka.
  • Singapore - Get an online form from their authorized consulate website.
  • Thai Visa Application Form
  • Visa Form Requisites
  • Download the Thailand Visa Application form
  • Transit Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Non-Immigrant Visa
  • Canada- Authorized Agent is working here.
  • Germany - (Guideline of Schengen Visa )
  • USA - Non-Immigrant Visa Application Forms
    Indonesian-authorized consulate website.
  • Japan

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