Bangladesh Information Guide

Bangladesh Information Guide

Bangladesh is a independent country in the world located in the South Asia with area of 1, 47,570 square kilometers. Dhaka is the capital city.

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Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ) is one of the smallest independent countries in the world. The country is in the South Asia with the area of 1, 47,570 square kilometers. Dhaka is the capital city.


Capital is in Dhaka. The second largest city is Chittagong. Currency is Taka (৳). Three letter code is BDT. ISD calling code is +88. Official website is


Pala dynasty was the 1st dynasty in Bangladesh. The Pala dynasty lasted for about 370 years from 750-1120 AD. They contributed a lot to the archeological development of the country. They established many temples and landmarks. After that many dynasties including Chandar, Sena, and Deva dynasty ruled the region. After them, Mughal Empire came into power. British East India Company took control of the area through the battle of Plassey fought in 1757 against Sirajuddaula, the then Nawab of Bengal. The whole Indian subcontinent got independence from British Empire in 1904 through a partition, in which Bangladesh fell with Pakistan. At that time the region was named East Pakistan. However, after much oppression, it got independence from Pakistan in the year 1971 through a rigorous 9-month long fight.

Present Government

The country has a parliamentary democratic government system. The ruling government of Bangladesh is Awami League lead by Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The current president of Bangladesh is Abdul Hamid.

Politics of the country

The political system has always been dominated by two major parties Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), and Awami League. Military-backed power has ruled the country for two times- once under the leadership of Ershad and another under Fakhruddin Ahmed. There are many other small political parties in Bangladesh such as Communist Party, Jamaat-E-Islami, and Nagorik Oikko.

Area and Border

It has an area of 1, 47,570 square kilometers. It has Ocean area of about 200 nautical miles where it can catch fish, establish economic zone and look for other natural resources. The country has the border with two countries- India and Myanmar. It has 4096 kilometers of the border area with India. The borders are well protected by Bangladesh Border Guards (BGB) and Bangladesh Army.

Education System

It has four types of the education system- Bengali medium, Madrasa, English medium, and Technical. Every year SSC and HSC exams are held for the promotion of students from school to colleges and colleges to universities. There are both private and public educational institutions in Bangladesh. The University of Dhaka is the top most educational system in Bangladesh established in 1921.

Travel and Tourism

There are many tourist spots in Bangladesh. Every year millions of visitors come to visit these tourist attractions. Most famous tourist spots are Coxbazar sea beach, Saint Martin, Fountain in Sitakunda, Jaflong, and the National Memorial in Savar.

Transportation System

The county has got all forms of the transportation system. There are transportation facilities inland, river and aero routes. Sadarghat is the largest launch ghat in Bangladesh. Gabtoli is the biggest bus terminal and can get long route bus services. Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is the most major airport. The largest railway station is Kamalapur Railway Station located in Dhaka.

Media and Newspapers

There are many TV channels in Bangladesh. You will find private TV channels for news, entertainment, and sports. The only government-owned Television channel is BTV. There are both daily and weekly newspapers in Bangladesh. Prothom Alo is the leading Bengali newspaper where Daily Star is the leading English newspaper. There are also many daily, weekly, and monthly magazines published every year. The country has many private radio stations. The first and only government radio station are Bangladesh Betar.

Life Style of People

In Bangladesh, there is mixed culture. People of all religion- Islam, Hinduism, Christians, and Buddhists live in harmony in this country. Many tribal people are residing in the eastern and southern part of the country such as Rakhine, Garo, Tripura, and Marma. The country people mainly eat rice with fish, meat, dal and various vegetables. In the winter season, you will find Pita (Cake) Festival in the villages. They include Vapa, Chitoi, Patishapta, Kuli and various other types of delicious pitas.  You must try them out.


Friday and Saturday are government holidays in Bangladesh. On the other hand, there are holidays in the special days such as 1st of May, Eid day, 21st February, 16th December and 26th March. The private companies, banks, and institutions including multinational companies are allowed to keep their offices and factories opened in the Friday and Saturday and determine holidays according to their convenience.

Climate and Weather

The country has six seasons and each season brings unique climate condition. In general, The country has subtropical monsoon climate which combines rain, hot and humid condition. The environment is very pleasing. The environment of Bangladesh makes it suitable to cultivate all kinds of corps.


It is a country with many cultural festivities. Various cultural programs are carried out throughout the year. The major cultural programs are Pohela Boishakh, 21 February, Eid, Puja, Jatra, Stage Drama and Bangla Gaan. Bangladeshi people regardless of their caste, creed, culture and religion observe all of these cultural programs with tremendous interest. These cultural programs increase the brotherhood among the people.

Important Info

Postal Codes

NWD Codes


It is a developing country with an aim to become a developed country within 2040. The country has a constant GDP of 6 for last 5 years. The Gross National Income of GNI per capita is $1170. The major exporting product is Ready Made Garments or RMG. Other exporting products include leather, pharmaceuticals, electronics, software and handicrafts. The country has also taken initiatives to turn tourism industry as one of the major foreign currency earning sectors. Bangladesh earn huge amount of foreign currency through Remittance which helps the Balance of Payment and Trade of the country.

The country plays a vital part of the South Asia because of its important geographical location and human power. Her people are very humble and friendly. If you want to understand the beauty of Bangladesh, you must pay a visit to this unique land. You will certainly appreciate the beauty of the country and its people. People of no country in the world are as hospitable as Bangladeshi people. With Bangladeshi people, you will feel at home away home.

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