National Parliament Building Dhaka Bangladesh

National Parliament Building Dhaka Bangladesh

Parliament Building Dhaka is known as Jatiya Sangshad in Bengali. It is located at Sherebangla Nagar, Farm Gate in Dhaka city.

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Parliament Building Dhaka is the assembly house of parliament member. In Bengali, it is Jatiya Sangshad in Bengali. It is at Shere Bangla Nagar, Farm Gate in Dhaka city.

About Parliament Building Dhaka

The leader of the Parliament is the speaker. Member of Parliament is MP. Bangladeshi nationals electe them after every five years. Election Commission organizes this electing after every five years. The government of Bangladesh is a Parliamentary Government. Jatiya Sangshad is in Dhaka. It is one of the best architectural masterpieces in Bangladesh, the capital Dhaka.

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American architect named Louis I. Khan had created the layout of Jatiya Sangshad and its surrounding areas . The then Pakistan government started the construction in the year 1961. The purpose behind the construction of this building was to carry on the federal legislature of East and West Pakistan. The building was used for the first time in the year 1982 for the last session of the second parliament of Bangladesh.

Structure of Jatiya Sangshad

The central philosophy behind the design of the building was to represent the culture of Bangladesh and at the same time optimization of the available space. The main building, at the center of the complex, has three parts. The parts include the main plaza, south plaza, and presidential plaza. There is a beautiful artificial lake in the Jatiya Sangshad area surrounding the main building to portray the riverine beauty of Bangladesh. Close to the building, there are also many residential buildings for the member of parliaments and the officers.

Importance of Jatiya Sangshad

It plays a very crucial role in the development of Bangladesh. It is the place where the most important laws regarding economics, politics and administration are created and approved. In every five years, the people of Bangladesh select their representative for the parliament through a national election. There are 350 seats in which 50 seats are reserved for the female candidates who are elected by the other 300 members.

Main Tourist Spots

Nobody can enter the main building. It is limited to only the authorized members of parliament and the officials. The rest of the building is open to all the visitors. Very near to the Jatia Sangshad, there are many tourist spots such as Maulana Vasani Novo Theatre, Chondirma Uddan, Jia Uddan, and Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. Transportation and Communication The Jatia Sangshad Bhaban is at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, in the capital, Dhaka. One can visit the place by bus. The buses to Jatia Sangshad are available from Shahajalal International Airport road. Also, buses to this spot are also available from any part of Dhaka.

Accommodation and Food

There are many good quality hotels and restaurants available near to Jatiya Sangshad. Some of the most prominent hotels include Pan Pacific Soanrgaon Hotel, Ruposhi Bangla Hotel, The Blue Star Hotel, Best Western La Vinci Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel and Restaurants, etc. You will get all kinds of local and foreign foods in these hotels.

Location of Jatiya Sangshad

Jatiya Sangsahd Bahban Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka- 1207 Official website:

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