Bangladesh Govt Holidays 2023 | List calendar of the year

Bangladesh Govt Holidays 2023 | List calendar of the year

Bangladesh Govt Holidays in Bangladesh are two IDE, Durga Puja, Independent day, and others. All are published Government official web portal every year.

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Bangladesh Govt Holidays are two days a week. These are Friday and Saturday. But some schools remain open on Saturday. The first government national holiday starts on Bangla New Year's Day. It is popular as Pohela Boishakh. The other two major holidays are two Eid. Here is a list of holidays in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Govt Holidays 2023

IDE, Durga Puja, Independent Day, and Victory Day are the main key holidays. All are published Government's official web portal every year. State calendar of 2023 gazettes all.

The government of Bangladesh publishes a holiday Gazette every year officially. It has 15 national public holidays, based on Bengali, Hijri, and Gregorian calendars. Near about 20-25 national and public holidays are in Bangladesh.

There is an optional and public holiday. Optional holidays are based on Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Buddhist festivals. Holidays are not the same days every year. It is based on three separate calendars: The Gregorian calendar, the Islamic calendar, and the Bengali calendar.

There are many categories of holidays in Bangladesh. Holidays depend on Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Buddhist festivals. There are state holidays, like Independent Day, Ekushay February, Pohela Baishik, and more.

State Public Holidays

  • 10 January - Bangabandhu Returning Day
  • 21 February - Shahid Dibash
  • 17 March - Bangabandhu Birthday
  • 26 March - Independence Day
  • 14 April - Pohela Boishakh
  • 1 May - Solidarity of Workers known as Mayday
  • 1 July - Bank Holiday Bank Holiday
  • 15 August - National Mourning Day - Banga Bandhu was assassinated by a group of junior Bangladesh Army officers. Public Holiday
  • 2 September -Janmashtami Public Holiday
  • 16 December - Victory Day - The Pakistani army surrendered to the Mukti Bahini.(Saturday)
  • 25 December - Christmas


  • 8 Mar Wed Shab e-Barat
  • 19 April Wed Laylat al-Qadr
  • 21 April Fri Jumatul Bidah
  • 21 April Fri Eid ul-Fitr Holiday
  • 22 April Sat Eid Ul Fitr
  • 23 April Sun Eid ul-Fitr Holiday
  • 28 June Wed Eid ul-Adha Holiday
  • 29 June Thu Eid ul-Adha
  • 30 June Fri Eid ul-Adha Holiday
  • 29 July Sat Ashura
  • 28 September Thu Eid-e-Milad un-Nabi


  • 6 Sep Wed Shuba Janmashtami
    24 Oct Tue Vijaya Dashami


  • 1 January -New Year's Day Optional
  • 14 February - Bhawasma Budhbar Op
  • 29 March - Punno Brihaspatibar Op
  • 30 March - Punno Shukrobar Op (Christian)
  • 31 March - Punno Shonibar Op (Christian)
  • 25 December - Christmas


  • 4 May Thu Buddha Purnima

School Holidays

Ramadan, Puja, and Summer vacation are the main holidays for school students. After the final school examination in December, students enjoy a long holiday up to the middle of January. On long Government Holidays, the traveler goes out for a vacation or tracking. Tour operators offer excellent package tours also.

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