Baba Adam Mosque Munshiganj Bangladesh

Baba Adam Mosque Munshiganj Bangladesh

Baba Adam Mosque is a prayer house of Muslims. It is at Rampal Thana of Rikabibazar in Munshiganj District.

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Baba Adam Mosque is a prayer house of Muslims. It is at Rampal Thana of Rikabibazar in Munshiganj District.

History of Baba Adam Mosque Munshiganj

The Mosque was built in the year 1483 AD. So it is one of the ancient landmarks in Bangladesh. Malik Kafur established it as a Jami Mosque. The mosque was named after a Sufi saint Adam Shahid. The name of the mosque has been determined after his name. Baba Adam Shahid died in a holy war against the local Hindu King. At present, Bangladesh Department of Archaeology maintains the Mojid.

Major Attractions of the Tourist Spot

The mosque has six domes of similar height which are very attracting. All the domes are placed in two rows on a rectangular plan. The arches of the mosque are located on the eastern side of the mosque. Opposite to the arches, you will find Mihrabs. On both sides of the doorway, you will find two multi-cusped rectangular panels. Inside the mosque, you will find very interesting Terracotta design.

How to Get to the Tourist Spot

  • Munshiganj is about 42.2 kilometers away from Dhaka and it may take about one and a half an hour to reach the tourist spot through Dhaka-Mawa Highway. It takes similar time in Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway.

  • You may reach the tourist spot through buses and private cars. Many buses leave from Dhaka for Munshiganj. However, you may also choose to visit the spot in through launch available from Sadarghat. From Munshiganj, you will find rickshaws and CNGs to reach the spot.

Accommodation and Food

You will find many quality hotels and restaurants in Munshiganj. They are very cheap and affordable. You will be able to consume both local and foreign foods in these restaurants. You may consider the following restaurants:

  • Hotel Purbani International Ltd- 3-star hotel, Dilkusha Road

  • Hotel Al Razzaque International- N S Rd

Nearest Tourist Spots

You will find many tourist attractions in Munshiganj district. You may also consider visiting them at the same time. They are as follows:

  • Indrakpur Fort

  • Shamshiddhir Math

  • Panditer Vita

  • Home of Raja Bollal Sen

  • Birth Place of Atish Dipankar

  • Residence of J C. Bosh

  • Mohadev Mandir

Place / Location / Area / Other important Notes
  • Division-Dhaka
  • District -Munshiganj
  • 34 km from Dhaka
  • Travel from Dhaka: Mainly bus and launch
  • Postal code-1501
This is a very attractive ancient archaeological structures that bear the history of about 600 years. Every year many people from all over the world come to visit the spot. Related Links

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